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Amsterdam Nightlife
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Krua Thai Classic, Amsterdam

Krua Thai Classic

Venue Details

Staalstraat 22, 1011 JM, Amsterdam
+31 20 622 9533
Opening hours:
Daily 17:00-22:30

Krua Thai means literaly "the Thai kitchen." The Thai kitchen stands for a very sane and healthy form of cooking which matches in an excellent way with a tasty feeding pattern; not too fat and lightly digestable.

The meals are prepared on a daily basis with fresh herbs, spices and vegetables. The dishes vary from mildly spiced to very spicy, all according to preference. The service by the staff is very friendly and hospitable, like the Thai culture itself.

Since februari 2003 a new restaurant of Prasan,his wife Suwannee and his brother Panya has been opened in the Staalstraat 22 in Amsterdam; its name is Krua Thai Classic (this restaurant was formerly known as "Tom Yam" and was owned by Jos Boomgaardt).

Krua Thai Classic is decorated in a very beautiful way, according to a modern Thai style. The atmosphere is warm and inviting.

Photos of Krua Thai Classic

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Location Map for Krua Thai Classic

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